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INCoDe competence model

INCoDe.2030 has developed a Digital Skills Reference Framework based on the understanding that in the future, all professions will be digital, but that, nevertheless, both companies and workers are already experiencing this reality today. The aim of the framework is to develop a holistic framework of 22 digital competencies, which form the basis for preparing multiple professional profiles for the opportunities of Digital Transition.

You can find the following INCoDe Competence Model competences available as Skills tags.

Digital and information literacy

Data analysis and statistics
Device protection
Information evaluation
Information search and filtering
Information storage and retrieval
Use of basic digital tools

Security and privacy

Digital identity management
Personal data protection

Communication and Collaboration

Code of conduct in a digital environment
Collaboration through digital technologies
Interaction through digital technologies
Sharing of information and content

Content creation

Digital content production
Integration and reworking of content

Smart systems

Adaptation of complex concepts to digital platforms
Operation of devices with digital interfaces
Use of advanced softwares

Development of solutions

Computational and algorithmic thinking
Identification of needs and technological responses
Innovation and creative use of technology
Programming knowledge
Resolution of technical problems

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